About Us

Hi All!

We are a team of sisters, Bobbi-Jo and Brandi, and we strive to help you pamper you! We grew up in Southern Ontario and crafting was a way of life for those around us. We spent many a time at various craft shows with our mom, gramma, great aunts, etc.

Starting out at a very young age, Brandi, was a very industrious kid... our mom used to knit slippers with pompom animal faces, but she can't crochet so couldn't make tails for the little critters, so Brandi would charge her a quarter a tail when she was only 5!

Crocheting tails turned into friendship bracelets and beaded jewelry by the time Brandi hit junior high, and then by high school she pretty much lived in the Fashion Studies lab and the drama room, often combining her two loves to make costumes and other fun bits.

Brandi hadn't done much crafting in her early twenties, working too much and going to university full time. But after her daughter was born in 2006, our mother, suffering from a laundry list of aches and pains, bought her first magnetic bracelet -- and Brandi was FLOORED by the cost! So she set about looking for a cheaper way to produce the same item and began making her own.

Two years and another baby later, Brandi was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and later Fibromyalgia as well. Her magnetic jewelry has helped beyond imagine at helping to manage her pain.

After great debate (like 3 years worth!) Brandi finally decided to open up her Etsy shop in Novemeber 2011. While she started out with magnetic therapy jewelry, she has come a long way since then, With a renewed love of crafting, 2014 saw Brandi turned her passion for nail polish into the business you see today.

At roughly the same time was when Bobbi-Jo joined forces with Brandi and brought with her a determination to make the best bath bombs, epsom salts, dry bubble bath and milk baths available. She has since included several essential oil blends, pain spray, soothing spritz, energizing spritz, hot flash spray and so much more!

We are constantly testing out some new techniques and using new (to us) materials -- so keep your eyes open for new products coming all the time!!